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  • The Blackletter Builder Complete Collection
  • Step-by-step video walkthroughs of three complete alphabets
  • Videos and lessons on flourishing, pen maintenance, color theory, composition, letter spacing, and more...
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What exactly is Blackletter Calligraphy?

You might think it's just an old-fashioned style of lettering (it's literally called "Old English" in some books and references), but, from TV shows to logos, products, and advertising, it's still hugely popular in art, design, and branding.

Here are just a few examples of what you can create with these skills...

Calligraphy is one of the most rewarding skills you'll ever learn

Combining simple tools with a skill as familiar as writing the alphabet to make magic on a page is a joy

“How excellent that handwriting can provide anoutlet for skill and esthetic feeling…How satisfying whensomething ordinary and commonplace is raised toward the beautiful.”

– Alfred Fairbank, Calligrapher, Palaeographer, Author

From a recent study of school-aged children and adults at the Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory at NTNU:

“We conclude that because of the benefits of sensory-motor integration due to the larger involvement of the senses as well as fine and precisely controlled hand movements whenwriting by handand when drawing,it is vital to maintain both activities in a learning environment to facilitate and optimize learning.”

– Eva Ose Askvik, F. R. (Ruud) van der Weel and Audrey L. H. van der Meer. “The Importance of Cursive Handwriting Over Typewriting for Learning in the Classroom: A High-Density EEG Study of 12-Year-Old Children and Young Adults.” *Frontiers in Psychology* (First published: July 28, 2020)

From a recent study of 42 adults conducted at the Johns Hopkins Department of Cognitive Science:

“The finding that thebenefits of writing practice extend beyond penmanship to both letter and word comprehension and productionindicates that handwriting can be a productive use of learning time.”

– Robert W. Wiley and Brenda Rapp. “The Effects of Handwriting Experience on Literacy Learning.” Psychological Science (First published: June 29, 2021)

So, why do so many people give up on Blackletter?

It usually boils down to two things:

"Blackletter looks intimidating" and "I don't know where to start"

It looks intimidating

You see this beautiful writing out in the world or an artist online creates a masterpiece seemingly effortlessly, and you figure, "There's no way I could do that."

Every creative person, whether they practice for fun or have an audience of millions, knows this feeling but there are so many wonderful, rewarding experiences on the other side.

Using a lesson learned from a little locomotive all that's needed is a courageous pivot to: "I think I can..." 🚂

There's a universe of possibility in that one mental shift, and learning this art is easier than you think!

Where do I start?

Does this sound familiar? You find a book with lots of different alphabets, and they all have arrows pointing every which way for every single letter (often with instructions on twisting and turning your pen while making each line).

It feels like it would be a miracle to successfully pull off one letter - let alone a word, sentence, or an entire paragraph.

You still try - you get some supplies, make your first line, and the ink bleeds everywhere.  It's a mess and looks nothing like the book.

Learning calligraphy feels like mission impossible.

You absolutely can write beautifully

You can learn to create art that fills you with joy and dazzles your friends and family

So, how do you succeed and avoid all the uncertainty and frustration?

You get the right tools (what's great with calligraphy is they don't have to be expensive) and use a system that’s easy, fun, and that works

Next, all you need is a little guidance - a helping hand that's supportive, encouraging, and keeps you coming back for more because you're making progress (and enjoying the process along the way).

This class distills thousands of hours of teaching and learning experience into an immersive, comprehensive course.

Using the innovative new Blackletter Builder System you'll get a clear structure for learning every single letter.

By the end, you’ll know how to easily write a flexible lowercase and two uppercase alphabets.

You’ll also and have tons of ideas for using your new skills to develop your own unique style and make awesome calligraphy art.

Plus, all of the material is presented using a fun and positive teaching style that’s super supportive, encouraging you to play and have fun while you create 😊

You'll get value wherever you are in your journey...

Organize content into multiple columns to share useful information to your customers about your products, values...


If you’ve never tried calligraphy, this class is a perfect place to start.

Save countless hours and money by starting with the right tools and resources all in one convenient place.

Plus, with ongoing access, there’s no rush to consume everything in a rush – you get the flexibility to learn and advance at your own pace.


Already have some calligra-skills under your belt? Awesome!

This class will introduce you to three traditional Blackletter alphabets, including a unique version of two uppercase alphabets.

You’ll also get all the other content, resources, and tools – dive into color theory, advanced project ideas, composition, nuances of letter spacing, and more.


Already a Blackletter superstar?Dig into topics like color theory, posture tips, composition, and explore the incredible collection of historical resources in the manuscript library.

I can’t tell you how many times I got lost looking at these building this class. Some of the books have hundreds of pages packed with amazing lettering, flourishes, cadels, and much, much, more!) – a lifetime of inspiration!

"The Blackletter Masterclass is amazing, I would recommend it to both beginners and more seasoned calligraphers alike.

I have always loved Tamer’s teaching style - it’s so laid-back and easy to follow, and you can feel the joy and sense of play, it’s addictive! And this style really comes through in the course.

I have some experience with Textualis Quadrata, but the way Tamer teaches it just made it click so much more for me, and yet freed me up to play with the shapes. I can see that this would be a fantastic course for a beginner, as he really lays out all the strokes in such a unique and understandable way.

Not only does this course include the basics, but it goes WAY beyond. Personal Q&A sessions, variations (so many!), flourishing, composition… It’s such a complete package. I feel like it’s melding together the education I have been cobbling together online for the past couple of years, all in one place.

If you are on the fence, just know that you will learn an incredible amount of information from a fantastic, very personable teacher."

- Adrienne

One more thing...

Who's the instructor?

If we haven’t met before – hi, I’m Tamer 👋
your friendly neighborhood calligrafriend

Ever since I was a kid, my heart’s belonged to the world of art and creativity – enchanted by the hum of lightsabers, the voyages of enterprising starships,  and the heroic deeds of superheroes.

From drawing to photography, music to fountain pens, I’ve had quite a creative journey – but when I found calligraphy, I knew I’d discovered something special.

I’ve been honored to have my work shown in exhibitions, galleries, and published internationally, but I found real magic in teaching and sharing the joy of calligraphy with thousands of enthusiastic creatives across the world.

A few of the spots you might have seen my work or classes

There’s nothing like seeing a student’s eyes light up, beaming with happiness because they made something they’re proud of.

Even better is seeing them realize that they were always capable of making beautiful art and just needed a little help onto the path of a lifetime of creative fulfillment.

This is the ✨magic✨ I can’t wait to share with you…

Ok, I get it - this class sounds awesome. But what's actually in the course?

Great question. Here's what the course curriculum looks like

🎁 Did you say bonuses?

Yup. I've decided to bundle in some extra bonuses, just for fun

Blackletter Builder Complete Collection (Normally $115)

You'll get The Blackletter Builder Complete Collection bundled with the Masterclass. This bundle provides detailed step-by-step instructions and guides that make learning Blackletter calligraphy easy.

Q&A Session Recordings

Watch the recordings from two Q&A sessions held during the course launch, where we talked about fitting text into circles, flourishing, favorite reference and inspiration books, tools, and more 😃

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Money-Back Promise

I want the investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer for you – if you’re planning to actually do the work 😃

This course is the culmination of years of effort and countless hours of work, so it’s important to me that you get value from it. There is a ton of information in the class, so “doing the work” technically involves completing the core lowercase and uppercase alphabet modules. If you’ve done that and, for whatever reason, aren’t 100% happy with your experience, drop me an email (within 30 days of purchasing the course) and I’ll happily refund your entire payment

However, please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you’ve completed those core modules and included your reason for the cancellation in the email.


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