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Incredible Magic Mockups Vol 2 - White Paper Collection

Incredible Magic Mockups Vol 2 - White Paper Collection

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The ultimate, photo-realistic magic mockups to gorgeously showcase your art in minutes.  

I created these mockups for my own use in sharing my art on social media, online, in books, magazines, but now I'm unlocking my personal vault and am thrilled to share these with you!

Please Note: This product requires Adobe Photoshop and because of the ultra-high resolution quality, this product is bundled as a big zip file (nearly 4 GB!), so it may take time to download depending on your internet connection speed.

What's Included

Here's a quick rundown of some features and what's included in the pack:

  • 15 Mockups: each professionally captured image is tack sharp and super high-resolution (4000px x 6000px) 
  • 27 built-in Photo Filters that can be used individually, together, and layer masks to add an infinite variety of looks to your final photo
  • Color change items: Several of the mockups include elements whose colors can be seamlessly changed to perfectly accent the tone of your art
  • Vertical Orientation: Naturally oriented vertically, which is perfect for mobile screens, social media, sharing online, magazines, books, and more. (You can also rotate them for a horizontal/landscape look)
  • Flexible Crops: Perfect for social media or print, there's plenty of space around the edges to accommodate a variety of crops and aspect ratios.
  • Instructional Guide: a complete instructional guide explaining the features and showing step-by-step how to use the mockups 

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