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Circles on Steroids Instructional Toolkit

Circles on Steroids Instructional Toolkit

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Learn the process of creating beautiful circular calligraphy masterpieces!

This toolkit gives you all the tools you need to learn how to create circular gothic calligraphy art and includes all of the following:

What's Included

This toolkit includes four digital ebooks and printable templates:

  • Book 1 - Introduction: to the product information and contact information to reach out to me with any questions, feedback, or suggestions you may have
  • Book 2 - Tools & Supplies Guide: a summary of all of my favorite tools for creating this style of art. 
  • Book 3 - Circular Calligraphy Instructional Guide: This is the guide where, step by step, I will walk you through the process of creating a piece of circular calligraphy art.
  • Book 4 - Lettering Guides: a variety of lettering guide templates are provided in both ebook and individual digital file formats. 
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