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Blackletter Foundry

The Bewitched Blackletter Brush Collection

The Bewitched Blackletter Brush Collection

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Create stunning calligraphy masterpieces with the Bewitched Blackletter Brush Collection!

This toolkit includes everything you need to create gorgeous digital calligraphy art in a  wide variety of gothic styles.

NOTE: In order to use this product, you must have an iPad with the application Procreate. The brushes in this pack are only compatible with Procreate and work best with an Apple Pencil.

What's Included

This pack includes:

  • 30, 45, 60, and 90-degree angle versions of every single brush, allowing you to work in a wide variety of styles and to add a dynamic range of accent strokes
  • In addition to the standard flat nib, 6 scroll nib variants are also included
  • Standard and pressure-sensitive versions of each brush allow you to create flat text effects or 3D lettering designs simply by varying the pressure on your Apple Pencil
  • Grid brush to easily make guides for your lettering designs.
  • Detail brushes for adding flourishes and accents.
  • Five ink spray brushes to add a variety of texture or grunge effects to your art.
  • Lettering guides with brush sizing tool for more structured designs
  • Digital ebooks with instructions and information on the product

Brush Installation

Detailed instructions on installing these brushes are provided in this instructional video.

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