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Blackletter Foundry

The Abstract Blackletter Instructional Toolkit

The Abstract Blackletter Instructional Toolkit

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Learn to create gorgeous hand-made and digital abstract blackletter calligraphy art masterpieces (BONUS: Includes FREE Procreate Brushes!)

Get comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step instructions demystifying this unique, fun, and versatile art style. This collection includes 12 digital books in PDF format that can be viewed on your computer, phone, and tablet or printed for your personal reference.

Please Note: this is a digital product, and you will receive a download link at checkout and via email after purchase. You do not need an iPad or Procreate to use this product (you will need these tools, however, if you intend to use the included free brushes)

What's Included

This series contains all the information you need to start making your own amazing abstract art.

  • Supplies: Three books list and describe all of the supplies that you'll need to learn and practice this style digitally or on white or black/dark paper or art surfaces.

  • Instructional Guides: Learn foundational shapes and patterns for constructing abstract designs and how to combine them to create a complete abstract composition.

  • Step-by-Step Walkthroughs: Two books dedicated to explaining step-by-step the tools I use and process that I follow when creating abstract art on white paper, black paper, or digitally using Procreate for the iPad.
  • Reference & Inspiration: I have provided several examples of abstract designs from my own collection with descriptions about each piece and the tools used in making it.

  • Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Answers for solving common problems and questions.

  • Accessible Worksheets & Guides: All practice worksheets and guides are also provided as digital images in JPG and two PNG versions for use with your favorite application like Procreate. All of the worksheets and guides are also collected into a single volume for easy reference and access.
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