Recording Your Art Process (Workshop Replay)

Recording Your Art Process (Workshop Replay)

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Follow along with this video course with over 2 hrs of instruction on the essential tools and processes for making beautiful process videos.

This is the recording from a recent online course covering all of the information needed to get started with creating quality video recordings of your process.

In this video, I provide an introduction to essential tools, workstation setup, lighting, recording settings, basic editing, and much, much more. 

In these videos, I also provide several personal recommendations, tips, and tricks, and answer questions from the audience.

In addition to the video, I've also provided a class supplement eBook with a summary of the topics discussed. The ebook is provided in PDF format.

This series contains all the following items:

  • Videos
    • Introduction: Introduction and goals of the workshop..
    • Overview: An overview of all of the concepts that will be discussed in the session.
    • Desk Setup: A detailed description of workstation setup options and recommendations including elements of my recording setup.
    • Stabilization: A thorough discussion of the importance of stabilization and approaches for creating smooth, stabilized videos.
    • Cameras:  A review of the variety of camera options available including my recommendation and the equipment that I use.
    • Recording: A walkthrough of recording formats and settings including recommendations and a summary of the settings that I use.
    • Editing: A summary description of the basic editing steps and the process I use to create time-lapse videos.
  • eBook (in PDF Format)
    • Class Supplement: A guide summarizing all of the topics discussed in the video.

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